Edgar_ParrishEdgar Parrish, a life-long resident of Virginia with over twenty years of design experience, believes that a well-decorated area should be attractive as well as functional.  You should feel comfortable in a space, and if you enjoy being there, then he has done a successful job.

When describing his design perspective, Edgar feels that attention to detail, proportion and proper use of color with accessories, old and new, along with lighting and fabrics is the key to creating not only a beautiful, but livable environment.

Client communication is paramount to designing a space which reflects your lifestyle needs in a cohesive, inviting atmosphere.  He strives to meet his clients tastes as well as exceed their expectations.  Edgar’s experience allows him to comfortably work in not only traditional applications, but to successfully make use of alternative design aesthetics in order to achieve your desired results.  He views working with new clients as an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships.

Without a doubt, the design and proportion of a space should “just feel right.”  If it “feels right,” you will fully enjoy the resulting effect of your personal space for many years.


Edgar has been part of our family for over 10 years.  We have moved twice and decorated three houses in that time and his advice and assistance have been invaluable.  From window treatments and light fixtures to architectural design and auction pieces, he has a stunning depth of knowledge.  He made it so easy to translate one house into the next. He is fun, easygoing, hard working and brilliant!  We are going to have to give him a room in our next house.
J. in Richmond, VA

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